Fulton Epic Challenge

Bicycle Race Rules


Rules Part A

  1. Please be respectful of surroundings, do not litter and support the local businesses.
  2. All participants must have read these rules.  Ignorance of the rules is no excuse.
  3. All racers (and crew) must sign the liability waiver and race agreement prior to starting the race.
  4. No unsportsmanlike or malicious conduct will be tolerated by racers and support crew members toward other racers, support crew members, staff, and/or public.
  5. Safety first - no exceptions!
  6. Racer Numbers will be assigned.  Numbers must be displayed on the racer’s __________ side at all times.
  7. Each of the 3 races (6, 12 and 24 hrs) will be mass-started.
  8. Once 24 hrs racers have left the start they should move to separate themselves.  Racers must be separated by mile 10.
  9. 24 hrs racers will start at approximately 6:00 PM on Friday; 12 hrs racers will start at approximately 6:00 AM on Saturday; and 6 hrs racers will start at approximately 12:00 PM Saturday.
  10. Racers MUST OBEY all traffic laws.
  11. 24 hrs racers are not allowed to DRAFT.  Racers must maintain a 30-foot (10 meter) separation except when overtaking and passing.
  12. 6 and 12 hrs racers are NOT ALLOWED to draft from the 24 hrs racers.
  13. Racers must travel the prescribed course.  No allowances for going off course. Course will be marked.
  14. There are 2 loops (long loop and short loop).  All racers will begin on the long loop. At approximately 4:30 PM on Saturday all racers will be switched to short loop by a course marshal.
  15. Lap counts - official count is at Start/Finish line.  Only laps completed within the allotted 6, 12 or 24 hours will be counted.  Time will be adjusted for wave starts.
  16. Racers must have a bib number on at all times, displayed on their _______ side.
  17. Passing must be done on the left where there is sufficient space. No passing is allowed when it might impede traffic.  Racers being passed must yield the right of way to the passing racer. The passed racer must drop back relative to the passing racer to maintain 30-foot spacing.
  18. Racers should ride as far right as possible.  Should a racer stop for any reason, the racer must be out of the traffic lane and as far right as possible.
  19. Racers must not impede other racers or traffic at anytime.
  20. Clock will not stop for any reason.  Race will run in any weather.
  21. There is no minimum distance requirement.  However, all riders must complete at least one lap to be listed as an official finisher.
  22. In order to be a RAAM qualifier, 24 hrs racers must complete:  380 miles (611.55km) for men and 350 miles (563.27km) for women.
  23. There is no requirement as to how much time or how many miles each person must ride.  You can spend any length of time off the bike and re-enter the race.
  24. If a racer elects to drop out prior to the expiration of time, the racer must notify an official ASAP.
  25. Racers may proceed on foot with the bicycle.
  26. Headphones are permitted in the right ear only and must allow for the racer to hear traffic, officials and other road noise.  We reserve the right to disallow the use of headphones completely.
  27. Racers must carry a cell phone on the course.
  28. Racers may race with a support crew or self-supported.
  29. No support crew members or vehicles will be allowed on course.  All support must be provided from within the Pit Area.
  30. In the event that a rider requires more than basic support, a race official, course marshal or roving SAG will ferry the rider back to the Pit Area.  If the rider is able to continue after completing repairs in the Pit Area, the rider must re-start that lap from the Start Area.
  31. Racers and crew are encouraged to provide assistance to other competitors as needed.  Good sportsmanship is encouraged.
  32. Support crew members are not allowed on bikes at any time.
  33. Support crew members can be issued penalties that affect the racer.
  34. There is a 10 mph (16.09 kph) speed limit when passing through the Start/Finish area.
  35. NO passing in the Start/Finish area.  Riders must maintain the 30-foot (10 meter) separation in the Start/Finish area except in the case of a sprint finish on the final lap.
  36. Riders continuing on course should keep to the left when passing through the Start/Finish.
  37. Riders entering the Pit Area should keep to the right.  Slow down and use caution when entering and exiting the Pit Area.  
  38. There is a 10 mph speed limit in the Pit Area.
  39. Racers and support crew must not congregate in the traffic lanes in the Pit Area.
  40. Riders and support crew members must keep noise to a minimum during evening hours in the Pit Area.  Also use any port-a-let or restrooms available. Remember, we are adjacent to a residential area.

Rules Part B

  1. Please keep the Pit Area clean.  Use trash receptacles and recycle bins.  Leave no trace.
  2. Racers will be issued a timing chip.  If a racer uses more than one bike, the chip must be with the bike in use.  The timing chips will either be attached to the bike (front fork) or the racers ankle.
  3. Timing will be located in the Start/Finish Area.  Riders, support crew and the public will NOT be allowed in the Time/Lap Count Area of the Start/Finish Area.
  4. Participants should come to the event with all equipment in good working order - preferably with new tires and tubes.
  5. Helmets must be worn at all times - sitting properly atop the head and fastened.
  6. Headlight and taillight are required for night riding.  Night begins and ends at twilight. All lights must be visible from 500’ (150 meters).  All Racers should plan on having both lights for the race.
  7. Taillight can be steady or flashing.  Taillight must be on at all times.
  8. Reflective tape on wheels, forks, rear stays, cranks, pedals or heels of shoes are required for night riding (not required for 6 hrs racers).
  9. Aero bars and disc wheels are permitted.
  10. Human powered bicycles only.
  11. Racers may have more than one bicycle.  However, bicycles must be of the same type.  For example, a rider may switch between a conventional diamond frame and a time trial set-up.  Riders cannot switch between a conventional bicycle and a recumbent.
  12. Teams must all have the same bicycle type.
  13. Participants are encouraged to come to the race fully prepared - including food and liquids.
  14. Racer age is the age on Dec 31st of the race year.  For teams, it is the average age of the racers.
    1. U-20
    2. 20-29
    3. 30-39
    4. 40-49
    5. 50-59
    6. 60-69
    7. 70+
  15. Solo and 2-person teams are allowed in the 12 hrs and 24 hrs races.  Only solo riders area allowed in the 6 hrs race.
  16. Teams may be male, female or mixed.  A mixed team must have at least one member of either sex.
  17. Bicycle types:  conventional, single speed, handcycles and tandem bicycles are allowed.
  18. Teams may race relay style or with any number of riders on the road.  Teams may vary the number of riders on the road from lap to lap.
  19. Team members may draft off one another.
  20. If a team member suffers an equipment failure or is injured, the others may continue without penalty.  An official, course marshal or SAG vehicle may take the injured rider back to the Pit Area.
  21. Team members cannot be added once the race has started.
  22. Only one rider is required to finish the race.
  23. All exchanges must be made in the Pit Area.
  24. Every rider and support crew member must have read and abide by these rules.
  25. Penalties will be issued for rule violations.  Warnings may be given prior to the issuance of penalties.
    1. 1st offense - 2 miles off total distance
    2. 2nd offense - 5 miles off total distance
    3. 3rd offense - 10 miles off total distance
    4. 4th offense - disqualification
  26. Rule violations should be reported to the race staff in a timely manner - on the lap on which the violation was observed.  Officials will then monitor to see if a violation is occurring.
  27. Protests must be submitted to the Race Director within 20 minutes following the race.  Final rulings will be made within 1 hour following the race. 
  28. The Race Director has the authority to interpret rules, override a rule, modify a rule or create a new rule based on extenuating circumstances.
  29. The Race Director will make the final ruling on finish order.
  30. Final results will be posted no later than 1 hour following the end of the race.
  31. Using profanity or abusive language will not be tolerated.
  32. Alcohol and drugs will not be allowed on course or in the Pit Area.  All participants - racers and crew members agree to be tested upon request.
  33. In case of medical emergencies:  (1) If the injury is life threatening, call 911;  (2) If the injury is not life threatening, but requires a doctor, contact an urgent care facility.
  34. Ride hard, ride safe and have FUN!